History of Marty Haugen

Marty has given seminars and performances all across North and Central America, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific Rim over the past 30 years. He is the author hundreds of different printed editions as well as countless recordings. With that in mind, Marty has contributed his expertise to various religious groups during his career.

In 2016 Marty's hymn titled "Choose to Hope" was released. It was based on his own faith community and is a free download during the Christmas season.

Marty Appreciation Moment


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CD904 - I Wanna Be a Dinosaur
CD811 - Tree of Life
CD690 - In the Days to Come
CD679 - Anthology, Vol III
CD449 - The Song & the Silence
CD400 - Anthology, Vol I
CD401 Anthology, Vol II
CD258 Instruments of Peace

Liturgical Works

CD862 - I Will Bless the Lord at All Times
CD769 - Storrington Mass
CD769 - Revised Mass of Creation
CD784 - Revised Mass of Remembrance
CD832 - Arise My Love
CD807 - Christ Be Near
CD674 - Only You, O God
CD610 - Unfailing Light


To Serve as Jesus Did
A book for anyone who leads in song, the spoken word, or presiding during worship. It offers direction and assistance to anyone looking to advance in their ministry by using the life and work of Jesus as a model.

Instrumentation and the Liturgical Ensemble
Anyone in charge of a parish music ensemble should use this book as a resource. Each chapter focuses on a band that plays instruments.