I am a composer of liturgical music for both Roman Catholic and Protestant congregations, with over 400 compositions published by GIA, Augsburg Fortress and other publishers. For the past 25 years I have presented workshops and concerts across North America and in Europe, the Pacific Rim, Asia and Central America for church musicians and anyone interested in the renewal of worship. 

There are many links on this website that will connect you to my publisher, GIA, allowing you to listen to music clips of my music and order print editions or recordings. Here is a link to an index of my music published by GIA.



Holden Evening Prayer turns 30:

Holden Evening Prayer (or "Vespers '86" as it is still known at Holden Village) was written during the winter of 1985-86 when I was living with my family at Holden. As each part of the vesper service was written. it was prayed with the community as part of evening worship. The final version represents a very real collaboration with the winter community at Holden. I believe that one of the reasons it continues to be used is because it reflects the very real prayer of a particular community.

To mark its 30th anniversary GIA is issuing a new edition of Holden Evening Prayer. I have written three new supplmental psalms that can be included during the seasons of Advent and Lent. There is also a new handbell part, in addition to the keyboard, guitar and C instrument parts. Look for it here or at GIA's website after January 10th. 

Two Free Song Downloads

Here you can download two unpublished songs for temporary free use in worship by your community. The first is a revised version of "In These Times," a song I posted last December. I have made a number of changes based upon comments and suggestions by numerous communities that used the song in worship.

The other song "Laudato Sí" is based upon Francis of Assisi's beautiful Canticle of the Creatures and was inspired by Pope Francis' encyclical of the same name. To download either of the songs, click here.


To download the revised "In These Times," click here.

Marty's Latest Collection
Here Among Us

Marty's new CD offers a variety of songs that celebrate the rhythm of our liturgical year. Within this new collection you will find music appropriate for each season. These songs have memorable melodies and evocative texts that will engage your assembly and encourage congregational participation.

The title song is a gentle Christmas carol which will appeal to all ages. "A Great Cloud of Witnesses" is an engaging anthem celebrating the saints surrounding and supporting us. There are new songs for Advent, Lent and Easter, as well as new settings of two wonderful texts by Adam Tice. “Be Merciful,” written for the Year of Mercy, is a quietly compelling song that can weave the theme of mercy and forgiveness throughout the liturgical year. To hear music clips, click here.



June 27-30 Albuquerpue, NM
North American Association for the Catechumenate Conference

July 11-16  Houston, TX
National Association of Pastoral Musicians Conference

July 17-21  Redlands, CA
The Hymn Society of the United State and Canada National Conference 

Every attempt will be made to keep this list as up-to-date and accurate as possible; however, it is subject to change.  If you cannot reach the contact person for any of these events, you may email Marty.