Unpublished Music & Articles

Unpublished Music

This page will allow you to access and download unpublished music by Marty that has recently been recorded or has been used at various events and conferences. As the music here becomes available in published editions it will be removed from this site.

 You are free to copy these files for use by your own individual community; however,

  • Please do not distribute copies of the music or articles to other communities (let them download it themselves), 
  • Please include the copyright notice on any copies you make, and
  • Please do not use these copies after the date indicated on the information with the copyright of the music.

Marty offers these resources freely, trusting in your good will. Thanks.

In These Times update. "In These Times" was first put on this website last December. Since then numerous communities have used the song in worship and offered feedback.

Based upon comments and suggestions, here is a revised version of the song. The published version will be out later this spring. If you like the revised version, you can write to me at martyqb@gmail.com to get a congregational PDF. Download the update:

Laudato Sí! / Praise Be to You! This song was inspired by Pope Francis' encyclical of the same name. In his encyclical the Pope says, "Saint Francis of Assisi reminds us that our common home is like a sister with whom we share our life and a beautiful mother who opens her arms to embrace us." (Laudato Sí, no. 2). To download the unpublished click here.

Be Still, and Know That I Am God  A simple contemplative chant based on Psalm 46.


Unpublished Articles

Here are several unpublished articles that you can download for free for limited use.  Please respect the notices included with each file in regard to making further copies and replacing them with published editions when available. To see the articles, click here. 

Because these are unpublished works, there will occasionally be mistakes in the score or (sometimes) odd layouts.

To download these files you will need Adobe © Acrobat Reader on your computer.



Mon, Apr 16  Workshop--"Prophetic Singing in Challenging Times"
United Theological Seminary, New Brighton, MN

Sat, Apr 21  Concert (with David Haas)
School Sisters of St. Francis, Milwaukee, WI

July 9-16 National Pastoral Musicians Conference (concert & workshop)
Baltimore, MD

July 27-29 National Netword of Pastoral Musicians Conference
High Leigh Conference Center, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, UK

Every attempt will be made to keep this list as up-to-date and accurate as possible; however, it is subject to change.  If you cannot reach the contact person for any of these events, you may Email Marty